!The Solitude!

!The Solitude!

“There is no other companion as companiable as ones solitude”

!The Solitude!

“There is no other companion as companiable as ones’ solitude”

Strange but a truly an agreeable fact. When you are accustomed to walking alone in a garden on a bright sunny day, When you are accustomed to lie down and count stars in the sky,When you are accustomed to enter your dreamland whenever you bath; you don’t really observe the real companion beside you..yes its the “solitude” indeed.Not every one is gifted with such a loyal companion and utilizing him (the solitude) properly makes our lives the most engaging!!


Author: Sai Krishna

Well, I am Saikrishna. I am interested into arts,literature and I love exploring myself. Putting all my thoughts and feelings into my posts will be my primary focus during this journey. Cheers and keep blogging.Happy blogging :)

13 thoughts on “!The Solitude!”

  1. What a lovely way to look at what is often seen as a negative. I shall now look at solitude as a dependable friend. Thanks

  2. Great blog. And thank you for following mine. Though worlds apart, in just about everything, the joy we have for life brings us together. This wandering/wondering old broad hopes you have a great life.

  3. I’m annoyed when others intrude on my time with solitude. It’s only when I’m alone with solitude that I begin to experience all the other small and larger things in nature that I value.

    1. yea..don’t know why it is that way but even those people who intrude value their own solitude sane as we do.Yet they cannot bear a second person enjoying their own solitude. Its the way of live..sad but we still should get on with it. At least we have a few people in our circle who love us for what we are!! we should get along with such people! thanks for dropping by 🙂

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