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I was there..

I was once there,
Where many wouldn’t even dare,
A place which people see in their darkest nightmare,
A surrounding, whose sight which people wouldn’t even bear.

There wasn’t any light,
Darkness overwhelmed every shadow with all its might.
Every step made, yielded a newer plight,
It makes your every tissue tremble with fright.

I was there that day,
I took a step forward with an unraveled fray,
Not knowing whether i was on the right path or astray,
Every inch in me longed the blessing of Frey.

There were no one to walk by,
There wasn’t even a clear sky,
There wasn’t any hustle and bustle nor any spry,
Wish there was someone to hear my longing cry.

I was stranded,I was alone,
Accompanied by dried leaves and dead stone,
A disaster always followed after every seed sown,
Never knew that ‘he solitude’ would ill-reign the throne.

I was once there,
I still wish it was a mere nightmare.