Step aside..

A Man often stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark.” 

Just take a step forward, touch the flower afore you, smell its fragrance and you’ll know how beautiful your life is !!



A Companion for Life

Life may hit you very hard,

Bitter experiences may leave your soul scarred,

There may be times when your heart may feel marred.

What do you do then?Where shall your comfort lie?

Is it beyond those distant mountains? Or beyond the highest sky?

Who is there to wipe off those tears when you relentlessly cry?

Is there an answer? Or does it always remain an unsuccessful try?

Yes indeed there is always a fellow person,

A comrade,A friend, A companion who never lets it worsen.

He lends you his hand,He lends you his shoulder,

He wipes off your tears and he extinguishes the smolder

He makes you laugh, He puts you to sleep,

He helps you walk,He powers you into a leap.

You need not search him far,You need not call him loud,

His word is always with you,you may be alone or amongst a crowd.

He is a friend,He is a father and He is YOU,

He walks you along your life,He is your army,He is your crew.

Those little things..!

Playing with leaves,running against the wind with a kite in our hands,gazing at the stars while you lie down in a field of wet grass..these little things are the only solutions to the most complicated questions in life!! Most often people don’t really understand such little things that give utmost happiness to the human soul.


In the Mirror..!

Life may present you with gifts and happiness,Life may hurt you with pain and injuries.At the end of the day, whatever you may be or whatever position your life may lead you into,the one big person that should matter to you the most is the person you see in the mirror when you stand afore it.

After each victory you achieve just ask the person in the mirror “Do you deserve your victory over others?” , and in case if you are in pain at any point of time..ask the person in the mirror “Did you give your best shot in trying to endure the pain?”

The answers that you get to each of these questions are the one’s that help you mould your life into what you really want it to be. I shall again say “THE PERSON IS THE MIRROR REPRESENTS YOUR SOUL AND IS YOUR REAL COUNSELOR AND NO ONE ELSE CAN AID YOU BETTER THAN WHAT HE DOES”

All Those Colors..!

“When I close my eyes, I see bright colors dancing at a distance. When I open them, I find that I am surrounded by darkness. All those bright colors are the embodiment of whom I love and all the darkness just emblematizes what I really am”

My only solace..

The only solace it seems to be,

Is to see you smile and see you in a glee.

The only comfort which i find,

Is to see you happy, Oh yes we are entwined.

I may be amassed,I maybe lost,

Its your glimpse that helps me defrost.

Oh yes i do remember that very first day,

That moment when your face freed me out of my earthly fray.

I knew then,that we shall walk together through our life,

I knew that you were made for me,I assured myself that there won’t be any strife.

Yes,I shall always be there,

By your side,spreading love and an unending care.

To see you happy is what I always wanted,

I hope that there shan’t be any day that leaves my wishes haunted. 

The only solace it seems to be,

Is to see you smile and see you in a glee.