In the Mirror..!

Life may present you with gifts and happiness,Life may hurt you with pain and injuries.At the end of the day, whatever you may be or whatever position your life may lead you into,the one big person that should matter to you the most is the person you see in the mirror when you stand afore it.

After each victory you achieve just ask the person in the mirror “Do you deserve your victory over others?” , and in case if you are in pain at any point of time..ask the person in the mirror “Did you give your best shot in trying to endure the pain?”

The answers that you get to each of these questions are the one’s that help you mould your life into what you really want it to be. I shall again say “THE PERSON IS THE MIRROR REPRESENTS YOUR SOUL AND IS YOUR REAL COUNSELOR AND NO ONE ELSE CAN AID YOU BETTER THAN WHAT HE DOES”

Author: Sai Krishna

Well, I am Saikrishna. I am interested into arts,literature and I love exploring myself. Putting all my thoughts and feelings into my posts will be my primary focus during this journey. Cheers and keep blogging.Happy blogging :)

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