The Distance So Far…

There it was,the shooting star,

I had a wish,to be near you but not so far.

I hoped that my wish would bear a response,

All I wanted was to be near you,Oh please give me a chance.

Why does it have to be this way?

Is my love too small? Or is it just the temporary dismay?

Having your hand in mine is the one thing that I forever crave,

Please walk along,Oh don’t ever waive.

To see you happy and to see you smile,

Is the only thing I shall ever wait for,Oh yes its worthwhile.

I promise to always be there,

To protect you from every possible evil,yes I really do care.

Come to me,take my hand,

Lean over for support,Oh I shall never disband.

Somethings are always written to be entwined,

So is your happiness linked to mine and that can never be declined.


Author: Sai Krishna

Well, I am Saikrishna. I am interested into arts,literature and I love exploring myself. Putting all my thoughts and feelings into my posts will be my primary focus during this journey. Cheers and keep blogging.Happy blogging :)

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