The Morning Raga

The Morning Raga

Pink,Blue,Red,Yellow..what not..these are the real colors of or lives !


The Morning Raga

Pink,Blue,Red,Yellow..what not..these are the real colors of or lives !

I Am Lost In My Own House

Well now all the wedding bells have rung. Okay now, it ain’t my wedding it was my sister’s. She being my only sister, I wanted to take the blissful responsibility of making her wedding a big carnival. I did indeed, even though my examination schedule (B-tech 3rd year  semester examinations) haunted me through out the wedding season. To be precise I took on exam the previous day of the wedding and also the next day after the wedding ( here i should state that the wedding actually was at 00:50..according to our Hindu myth the time is fixed based on the bride and bridegrooms star signs). I had nearly 2 hours of sleep and i went straight into the exam hall when about 100’s of people in my house who appeared for the wedding bash were enjoying the fest.

Okay, I took the exam, screwed it up very bad,returned home and took over my duties . As expected about 800+ people turned up, it really turned out  to be a traditional,entertaining and COMPLETE wedding. I was very much elated in meeting new people ( thanks to my Dad’s overwhelming public relations),old pals and all the relatives. Everything turned out the way we expected and it was a happy ending.

My brother in law works for the Indian Air Force as a squadron leader. He is now an attache to our family and yes he already is one of the people whom i respect so much for what he is. They booth looked so good together, i was very much happy for her and my parents too. All the pains that our parents took to set is intoa right path has paid of really well.

Now its time that i tell you about my house. I live in a g+1 duplex independent house and I USED to live in the 1st floor.Now that the married couple has arrived my sister and me swapped our rooms. Now I am forcibly staying in the ground floor. Though an unambiguous positive point with me staying this way is that i get to spend a lot more time with my parents. I am happy for that yet,i really miss my solitude when i got when i was upstairs. Donating your room is a very painful thing, after all when all you have live in it for so many years,shared your happiness and grief for so long and sudden departure from it makes it even dreadful. Well, let me say one little thing, when i was asked to change my room, I didn’t argue one bit . I knew, its my very own responsibility to give the newly weds their own privacy. I did whole heartedly.

Though i don’t regret my decision, it still pains whenever  i see glimpses of my pastime in my room. Whenever i try to get into reading a novel of writing some poetry i never get stuff into my brain. The whole environment is pretty strange that i can never concentrate on what i do. Sometimes i just feel out of sorts, lost i must say.Whenever i lay down in my new room, i just ponder upon my past when i explored myself,my solitude,my own life. All that is now lost and so am I.I miss the greenery of the garden in the top,the wooden swing that i used to sleep upon, the  nights when i laid on the terrace talking to stars,the moments in which i talked to myself,everything is gone. You may say that i can still continue to do the same in the new room, hmm true but it still is never the same.The serenity and soothing calmness of solitude my previous room offered is unmatched.

Nevertheless,I shall never complain nothing to my parents or to the couple. I love them all i am ready to sacrifice everything for them may that include me loosing something or me getting lost

Well Well Well!

Since many days now, I have been thinking about starting a new blog. Though many of my previous attempts to blog all my thought failed disastrously, this time I’ve decided to set things right and I promised myself that I will !

One thing that revives the whole of my neural schema ( 😛 ) is that I am done with my semester exams. yippee!! Okay now, there’s nothing to get excited about, I should necessarily write my supplementaries (exams to be written in case we fail to exceed the limited cut-off) though. All odds apart, right now its the time for blogging and I shall concentrate on putting my first one right.

Well the big question I ask myself again and again, ” what I am going to blog about “,the immediate answer my brain would deliver is, ” write about what you dream and dream about what you right ! “. Hmm that’s nice answer i should say ! Well ” what do i dream about? ” that now , is a very big question mark to the person reading this and as well as you know who ( me of course). But, I wonder if anyone of us can really foretell what he is going to dream next ! Jeez not to-worry people Steven Spielberg is going to find out soon (no offence to the legend ) .Well let me give a vague idea, I, being an introvert have my own world of thought, inner feelings that arise from heaps of happiness that comes to me through my people and sometimes the pain from the solitude that i bear, what not all my thoughts will be portrayed in this blog.

Well cheerio people, I wish you shall enjoy reading all my posts and please share your thoughts. Feel free :). Wish me all the best 😀 !