I lost it!

I think I lost it.

Maybe I never had it?

Was it all just for nothing?

Is this the end of the road?

I thought I could write,

Gosh, my mind is numb, what a pitiful plight!

Is it the booze?

Nah, shouldn’t be! Its already a part of my blood now!

Is it the stress?

Maybe..but isn’t my booze already ending my stress’ duress?

I don’t know!

Maybe its the loneliness setting in!

Well, 3 days since I last opened my door ūüėÄ

But, I’m used to this, ain’t I?

Is it a punishment?

Gee, now I get it, maybe it is!

Didn’t I already pay enough, oh you greedy pain,

Just stop doing this!

At least tell me what it’d take?

You’ve already put my life itself at stake!

Zero happiness and an infinite cries,

Maybe this is lifelong, until I die!



A Desperation..

A desperation, an urge,

To end this pain and to end this scourge.

They were all along my heart,

Those bruises, they just tore me apart.

Shall happiness again revive?

Oh, I cannot bear it anymore,I wanted an end to this fight,to this strive.

A part of me says to wake up, A part says never,

At least I can find you in my dreams, Oh please don’t let me sever.

A part of me is here, A part of me is you,

I’ve given you my heart I’ve given you my soul, Oh my last breath, take that too.

My soul always yearned to see you afore,

Oh yes, you did come, you brought me back ashore.

I now could feel the happiness, I now could feel the life,

I could feel the strength, Oh,watch me clear every strife.

Every little flower appeared to bloom,appeared to smile,

Oh, see them through my eyes,its only happiness, nothing evil and nothing vile.

Clasp my hand and hold it tight,

Let these moments last, for now, forever and through every twilight.

That empty street..

There I was,walking on that empty street,

Making tiny steps through those weary trembling feet.

Every step reminding me my pain,my past,

Oh,I just succumbed,feeling terrified and aghast.

Every thought portrayed your presence,your smile,

These are my tiny moments to cherish,Oh bearing this pain is worthwhile.

Was it just the time that divided us or was it only me?

Let me affirm,all that mattered was your happiness,your glee.

The distance now seems so very far,

Every moment with you , now a very deep scar.

We are two worlds apart,

Why should this happen? Oh,it just breaks my heart.

I only wish I had one more chance,

Please show me that your are happy,at least grant me a glance.

Just Tears???

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.”

The Distance So Far…

There it was,the shooting star,

I had a wish,to be near you but not so far.

I hoped that my wish would bear a response,

All I wanted was to be near you,Oh please give me a chance.

Why does it have to be this way?

Is my love too small? Or is it just the temporary dismay?

Having your hand in mine is the one thing that I forever crave,

Please walk along,Oh don’t ever waive.

To see you happy and to see you smile,

Is the only thing I shall ever wait for,Oh yes its worthwhile.

I promise to always be there,

To protect you from every possible evil,yes I really do care.

Come to me,take my hand,

Lean over for support,Oh I shall never disband.

Somethings are always written to be entwined,

So is your happiness linked to mine and that can never be declined.

The tears..!

Tears just rolled down,

Was I happy or Is it the frown?

What was it? Why did I weep?

What was happening then?Is any one hurt or Is it a nightmare,Oh am I asleep?

I was awake indeed,It was the little baby afore,

She seemed so happy,those eyes-I really adore,

Yes,she was watching me,

Her eyes with filled with happiness and glee.

She held me up her toy,

It was an offer,she wanted to spread the joy.

Oh yea,its the end of the happy times,

The offer brought me back to the earth,It once again put forth the world’s crimes.

Now,I realize the reason behind those tears,

It was the a momentary relief from the pain that I bore for years.

What was the pain I asked again,

It was my shadow,It always glanced with disdain.

It always had a complaint,

That it was tired of being my only acquaint.

Oh yes it was true,there wasn’t any other,

To walk along,hand in hand or to atleast bother.

Maybe it was my only partner for life,

Or is there someone to end the un-ending strife?

Those eyes again pulled me back,

Wish I had the power to take my childhood aback.

I then moved on,the baby still had the smile,

Her eyes,Oh yes they made me LIVE for a while!

Once upon a Time..

‚ÄúOnce upon a time,” he said out loud to the darkness. He said these words because they were the best, the most powerful words that he knew and just the saying of them comforted him-From the ‘The Tale Of Despereaux’

Whatever may be the amount of darkness we are surrounded by,Our life has always gifted us with many little¬†memories¬†to rejoice.These memories may be as simple as a baby’s laughter,as simple as a¬†beautiful¬†flower’s fragrance..but these are the memories we all must carry to our deathbed!

Step aside..

A Man often stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark.”¬†

Just take a step forward, touch the flower afore you, smell its fragrance and you’ll know how beautiful your life is !!


Those little things..!

Playing with leaves,running against the wind with a kite in our hands,gazing at the stars while you lie down in a field of wet grass..these little things are the only solutions to the most complicated questions in life!! Most often people don’t really understand such little things that give utmost happiness to the human soul.


When I Lost To You


The sun was dark,

The beautiful moon suddenly seemed to sleep by a tiny bark.

Wasn’t¬†able to take the sweetest pleasure of the very first summer rain,

Even though i didn’t carry an umbrella nor sat in vain.

What happened to me? Was I a dead-man with a lost soul?

Or an oldest baby with an un-destined goal?

Shaking my head,I looked above once again,

the clearest of all skies, all of a sudden seemed heavy with the darkest clouds and rain.

Through the hills i walked and through the oceans I swam,

But I never  released really who I am.

The change was only you

That day when I walked thousand miles-they seemed too few,

That day you made my lonely heart  feel strange and new,

From then, your every pain seemed to be mine,

I tried to follow your footsteps always in-line.

I’ve lost you,now I have none my dear girl,

No-one to wipe off  my tears nor to put me asleep even in a wind whirl.

Now that I lost my soul in you,

Let this world loose even me,better for at-least the enemies a few.

I still laugh,concealing all my suffering and cries,

But, did anyone ever know that there’s still a lot of pain beneath these eyes.

Even if  I go so far away,

Your face flashes up in my every move and every single sway.

All I can say is that I loved you,will loved u forever,

Even after my soul would end up in the biggest river “FOREVER“