My Dad, My Hero!


He held my hand, he made me walk,

He taught me words and made me talk.

He was an angel, a hero in disguise

He showed me life, he made me wise.


He made he happy, he made me smile,

He never rated anything more and for that he walked that extra mile.

He never asked anything back from me,

He was unconditional, his love was always free.


He was hurting inside, he didn’t want me to leave,

He just bore a fake smile, he didn’t want me to grieve.

He couldn’t walk away, he couldn’t let me go,

He controlled himself, he never let anything show


He couldn’t stay like this, he couldn’t sleep at night,

He was waiting for my return, he kept praying to God to allow him my sight.

He wanted to talk to me, he hesitated to call,

He didn’t want to disturb, he continued to wrawl.


He never knew that I was coming back,

He was still waiting for me, unaware of my track.

He then saw me at his door, he suddenly froze,

He had tears in his eyes, all his lost spirits now arose.


He came running, he hugged me tight,

His wailing heart was now happy, he never again wanted to let me go not even slight .

He never knew my love for him, he never asked me for it,

He still always loved me and that’s how it seemed him fit.

He is my dad!

PS: If you are reading this please take a moment of your life to reflect upon everything that your parents have sacrificed for your happiness. No love is more purer that the love shown by your parents towards you and to acknowledge that is the least that we can do.


Never Too Far..!

They walked you through your every little step,

They’ve protected you from every pain and every schelp.

They taught you to live,they taught you life,

They’ve given you happiness,helped you through your every strife.

Let these moments be forever,let us all pray,

Oh but the time shall never wait,now you’ve grown to face your own internal fray.

You’ve earned the power to decide,now you make your own choice,

The success is all yours,Oh take your time to rejoice.

A point now comes where things go wrong,

You try to stay alone,you try to pretend strong.

You think you are all alone,

You feel shattered and you feel blown.

The “they” earlier now appear too far,

You now search for every distant little star.

You know you are doing a mistake,

Too much pain you handle,Oh please stop,you may break.

Please go to them,they were always there through your every little gasp,

They’ve always lent you an invisible hand to clasp.

Just go to them,express your heart and soul out,

You’ll always find a shoulder to cry upon,don’t you carry any doubt.

People were never too far out of your love,

They always felt your every little happiness,you were always their precious little dove.

Just be there with them,that is all that i shall ask,

You’ll experience all their love to bask.