The Swollen Vocal Chords


48 hours. It has been 48 effing hours that I spoke two full sentences. The problem – swollen vocal cords. I cannot utter a single word without going hoarse in the end. And what caused the problem ? Throat infection and of course my very bad drinking habits.

Absolute voice rest was suggested by my doctor and also a strict caution that I might loose my voice if I didn’t do so. But these 48 hours have been the most treacherous and yet at the same time the most well spent time that I had in a long time. 48 hours of self introspection, learning and of course with a few daily dosages of writhing pain deep in the heart ( not another medical condition though ).

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A Belief,A Trust–A Friend


I Know We Met As Strangers
Exchanged a Word or Two
Never Knew That God had Plans
Which Led Up to Me and You

He Had to Feel My Pain
He Had to Know My Fear
To Do This Wonderful Thing
By Bringing You Here

The Room Was not that crowded
I Knew a Name or Two
It Never Really Hit Me
That I was there for You

A Word Erupted From me
One I had Never Said
The Secret that I Kept Buried
Always Running Through my Head

A Hand Held Out in Comfort
A Heart to Feel my Pain
I was no Longer Alone
My Angel Had a Name

This is a Beautiful Lady
We Know Each Other Well
When We’re Flying Way Up High
Or When We’re Down in Hell

She is so Kind and Sweet
To Me Who Knows No Trust
I Tell Her Over and Over to Go
And Still She Just Says No

Now We Talk Almost Daily
Since That Lonely Night
When This Wonderful Woman
Brought to Me Some Light

I Really Love This Treasure
In Case You Don’t Know Who
This Very Special Friend of Mine
Is No One Other Then You