Why divide?

Human beings- truly a special form of species that evolved so much better than any of its counterparts on this planet.

We have found ways to move on the ground, we have found ways to go beneath the ground and we have also built machines that fly above the ground and even beyond.

We have set our own laws to live our lives, we have set our own educational systems to become better, we have even found ways to domesticate and befriend other species that inhabit the earth.

Even though all of this evolution still holds true when we talk about all the species put together, what happens if we see this evolution thorugh a smaller lens and talk about our species alone? Since the beginning of human civilization have we really bettered ourselves? Well its true that we have learnt many things about the world and have unravelled many mysteries that needed to be solved. But, the very mindset of the greed for superiority has still remained instilled in every person on the planet.

I am fairer than her, I am more beautiful. I have more money than him, I am more important. I am a Hindu, I am more righteous. I am from the USA, I am more superior.

Excuse me! Get out of here!

Who the hell are you to declare that the other person is lower when compared to you? Who the hell told you that dark skinned people are any less beautiful than a fair skinned or if a person is a Muslim, then he is a terrorist? Maybe the very difference lies because we have words for them. Fair-Dark, Hindu-Muslim, Rich-Poor. Maybe we’ve always tried to compare whats at hand with what we don’t have and come up with our own excuses to make ourselves less envious of each other. “Well I am a Hindu, I envy a Muslim eating meat (though I very much want to try it). But Oh, I can’t, my ancestors told me not to have it. What can I now do to make me feel less envious of a Muslim. Well, let me brand him as an animal killer, let me declare him to be evil so that no one can ever eat meat!” Well, if this is the very logic how we’ve been building our own communities, we are for sure to be doomed some day!

Do we really need to have boundaries for ourselves? Well, firstly why do we need to brand ourselves. Brands are for products isn’t it! We are not products, we are much more than that. Just imagine yourself to be put in a room with the other person for the rest of your life. Your difference with him might last for 2 days or 3 at the most, but there will defintely be a day where in you feel very indifferent to what the other person is doing. You begin to accept the person for the way they are and you might also see to understand that there is very less of a difference between you both in the way you live.

The Quran said something, the Bible some other and the Bhagavad Gita a whole lot more. But, aren’t all of them only preaching ways to better yourself. A white man has to drink water, eat food and work everyday to live a happy life. Is it any different for a black man? No it isn’t. When the ideology of all the manuscripts and the way of life of all the people is the same why do we need to brand ourselves to be different from others!

All of the divisions that we’ve made within our heads are merely our beliefs. The belief that lord Ram had walked on earth is as noble as a belief that Jesus walked on water. Its fine! But, making your belief into a testament for superiority is a blunder. Its good to have a belief for there is a pursuit to reach a benchmark in our lives. But, making a belief into your religion or accepting that your beliefs are more closer to the truth than the other person’s is a farce.

Do we really need a religion? we don’t! We need a belief! Are the rich more important than the poor? Absolutely not! The poor have the same rights as posessed by the rich! The day we remove these biases from our brains and believe that division is only an arithmetic rule is day we can consider ourselves to be truely evolved. Now are we truly evolved?

 “Judging a person doesn’t define who they are, it defines who you are!”

The special day..

Today is special. Special because it marks an end to the quest of something unachievable in my life. It also marks a new start to that something unacheivable too. So, let me tell you how I’ve celebrated this special day.

I woke up at 7:00 AM in the morning, just after a 3 hour sleep. I quickly changed into my tracks and went for a jog – just like everyday. But, today was special. How could I just jog ? So I ran. I ran so fast that I forgot to breathe for sometime. I ran so fast that, my heart was tearing apart, lungs were running out of life and my body sweating with all the alcohol I drank until 3 hours before this. Yet, I ran. I ran until I felt dizzy. Until I was just about to collapse. Then I stopped. It was only because I reached the lakeside nearby. With tears rolling down, I walked closer to the lake. I looked over the horizon, only to look back into all those beautiful memories that I made. Memories so beautiful, that I had to let out a slight chuckle even when my body was all sweating and my heart pounding incessantly. A truck’s horn brought me back into the real world. My real world. A world which is now completely void of any happiness. A world which is open to only a select few, who still had no clue of where I live within it. Now this transition from those memories to the reality was harsh. My heart rate increased, not because of the running, but because of all the pain the real world brought onto me. My tears now didn’t even take a break. This quest of mine that I told you about in the beginning is about to end today. I had to accept that it has to end today. I tried to cry all of this down. Nah I couldn’t. I just hoped this quest of mine won’t bother me once again. But, deep down within I knew I can never overcome this. Now, what else is left of me ? I drink almost everyday, I cannot smile heartily anymore, I am devoid of all the happiness and I am alone. I know I cannot ever be successful in my quest from now on, yet I can only merely TRY to end it, but I know I cannot.

All the lies I’ve told. All the emotions I’ve withheld and all the pain that I’ve caused will end today. But, I know those beautiful memories will always come and haunt me everyday. I hope I can shelter my heart away from all this. I hope I can hold on to some reverie that will help me cope. I don’t know what to write anymore. I don’t know if I’ll write anymore. Only thing I know is a world full of pain, suffering and loneliness that only I live in. I wish my something unachievable can forgive me for giving up. I wish it will understand my pain someday. I wish..

Set me free..

Why have I become like this ?

Sullen, depressed and devoid of any bliss!

All I do is drink and cry,

Always wondering if these eyes ever dry.

Oh, what did I even do ?

To get repeatedly mauled black and blue.

Ah, my mind is numb, I can’t even write,

My heavy heart is aching under this twisting writhe.

Fighting alone in this lonely battle,

I am bruised very bad, my ears just prattle.

Oh, don’t do this to me ?

O’ life listen to me, set me free.

Please, I am done with fighting with you,

What can I do to start afresh and new ?

With each day becoming very very dark,

I just don’t know what to do, there is no way I can disembark.

Come and get me,

O’life please just set me free.


The Poltroon!



I wake up everyday for a new beginning,

Yet I end up sleeping afore the same dead end.

I wish I could regain my lost happiness,

Yet all I can do is to only pretend.


With all the unattended sorrows in my heart,

With my soul plowed wide open by a gut wrenching pain,

Each and every moment seems a fey challenge,

Yet, all I can do is to only weep within, I can’t even complain!


I writhe in this agony, I want to scream,

So I let out my hand to someone.

Nah! I now realize I am alone in this sordid battle,

All I can do is to just build my rage and run!


I search for an excuse to let out my tears,

I juts remembered my eyes have dried out, Oh its been years!

Overwhelmed, I realized I have even forgotten to breathe,

I loose myself completely, both my body and its beneath.


Oh please lift me out of this mess,

I need to live my life again.

I want to smile and feel happy for once,

Nah! Once again all my pleas go in vain.


And again, I wake up everyday for a new beginning,

Yet I end up sleeping afore the same dead end.

I wish I could regain my lost happiness,

Yet all I can do is to only pretend.


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The Fearful Fate..


It has been a rough past few years,

In a pursuit, to overcome all my fears.

Those fears which shook me awake from my sleep,

And the very fears which made me secretly weep.

Yet, they still seem to overwhelm me,

Maybe they ‘LOVE’ me so much to let me free.

Ah, the word – ‘LOVE’ , now I know the reason,

This was always about that very treason.

A treason, that left them heart broken,

A treason that left them clueless and unspoken.

But, did anyone ask how did I feel committing it ?

Oh please do, for it was for your own good that I fell in that infernal pit.

Each day, I put on a very tight veil,

A veil that portrays happiness and masks my wail.

This veil again is a reminder of my fears,

Oh no, if it breaks loose it’ll expose all my tears.

I wish I could live with at least a wee bit of glee,

For a few moments to be fearless and free.

I wish there comes a day in my life,

Where I can sing an end to this internal strife.

Oh, I shall wait,

However long it might be, for I know that’s my unavoidable fate.



A lost addiction..

Its been ages that I have sat down to write ,

The dearest hobby that I had which made my every scary night very bright.

Each and every day I try to set the things right ,

But never found any solace ,not even slight.

What should I do to get my courage back,

Did I still have it in me to write and get back on track ?

Each and every second now started making a violent whack ,

Oh god, please spare me some light for the night is awfully black.

“Just stay calm!” ordered my aching heart,

That’s right I thought, thinking too much would only tear me apart,

All I needed was to get a proper start,

For, my rage never dies neither does my art.

My heart has now agreed to sign a pact,

That only if I write , it shall hold me intact,

Now my fears slowly started loosing their impact,

Oh god  just let me write, I have already lost in love and you have nothing left  in me to detract.