My mediocrity!

StartUp Tip #80: The cult of mediocrity – rochemamabolo

How often do you ponder upon what the real purpose of your life is? Every day before you go to bed? Every once in a while you watch some inspiring movie? Maybe you are a ‘take it as it comes’ person and avoid this question all together.

In any case, I’m pretty sure a huge majority of us don’t have an answer to this question. Most of us tend to live a life that is often a result of the circumstances around us and every iota of our precious time is about molding ourselves to get past these circumstances. Every second of our lives, we think of keeping our families safe, of money, of happiness and more often than not everything that you regretted right from your time of birth. This is pretty normal isn’t it?

When you come from a conservative or a pseudo modern family, the training to live such a life starts right from the time you come onto this earth. There is nothing wrong with such a life. You serve your time well and you go away. This is normal and yet, at the same time its Mediocre.

Some say mediocrity is a self inflicted sin. Some say it is underrated. Whatever it is, does living a mediocre life and only striving to spread happiness to your family live up to what you really want yourself to be? If it is, then so be it, nothing wrong in doing so. But, think of what your un-invoked alter ego living in a world of ingenious might be thinking. We often laugh at this meme which asks “What happens if we use 100% of our brain”. When we come to think of it, its pretty sad that we are not actually using what we own to make something good of our lives. Yes, it is perfectly alright to think of your family, your job and yourself to lead through a decent life. But what about that “Eureka!” moment that we all are suckers for. It’ll just be a lie if we don’t admit that we all crave for such moments in our lives. But, do you really strive in pursuit of such a moment and put in your 100% efforts in achieving it? Having a pursuit towards greatness and an unquenched thirst to achieve it is what that makes great people what they are. And I think such a pursuit is what makes the life more interesting and worth living for.

It may take some time to realize what you really want with your life. But, when such an idea comes to your mind, you should not let your past or current circumstances dictate you to shun the idea all together. If that’s what you really want then you have to be ready to toil yourself with your blood and sweat to achieve it irrespective of who you are and where you are from. At the end of your time even if you don’t achieve it you can at least claim to have a purpose for your life.

I am 28 years old and I have no clue about what I am doing with my life. I’m still awaiting the miraculous “idea” which will tell me what to do with it. But, I am keeping myself aware that once such an idea comes I won’t dismiss it. I wish that you do too. The very fact of keeping yourself aware to identify the “idea” shall help you in recognizing it and eventually help you realize what you want to do with your life on earth. Being mediocre in many things is alright, but being an expert in at least one thing that you really want is what shall set you apart from others. Go for it. Godspeed.

Why divide?

Human beings- truly a special form of species that evolved so much better than any of its counterparts on this planet.

We have found ways to move on the ground, we have found ways to go beneath the ground and we have also built machines that fly above the ground and even beyond.

We have set our own laws to live our lives, we have set our own educational systems to become better, we have even found ways to domesticate and befriend other species that inhabit the earth.

Even though all of this evolution still holds true when we talk about all the species put together, what happens if we see this evolution thorugh a smaller lens and talk about our species alone? Since the beginning of human civilization have we really bettered ourselves? Well its true that we have learnt many things about the world and have unravelled many mysteries that needed to be solved. But, the very mindset of the greed for superiority has still remained instilled in every person on the planet.

I am fairer than her, I am more beautiful. I have more money than him, I am more important. I am a Hindu, I am more righteous. I am from the USA, I am more superior.

Excuse me! Get out of here!

Who the hell are you to declare that the other person is lower when compared to you? Who the hell told you that dark skinned people are any less beautiful than a fair skinned or if a person is a Muslim, then he is a terrorist? Maybe the very difference lies because we have words for them. Fair-Dark, Hindu-Muslim, Rich-Poor. Maybe we’ve always tried to compare whats at hand with what we don’t have and come up with our own excuses to make ourselves less envious of each other. “Well I am a Hindu, I envy a Muslim eating meat (though I very much want to try it). But Oh, I can’t, my ancestors told me not to have it. What can I now do to make me feel less envious of a Muslim. Well, let me brand him as an animal killer, let me declare him to be evil so that no one can ever eat meat!” Well, if this is the very logic how we’ve been building our own communities, we are for sure to be doomed some day!

Do we really need to have boundaries for ourselves? Well, firstly why do we need to brand ourselves. Brands are for products isn’t it! We are not products, we are much more than that. Just imagine yourself to be put in a room with the other person for the rest of your life. Your difference with him might last for 2 days or 3 at the most, but there will defintely be a day where in you feel very indifferent to what the other person is doing. You begin to accept the person for the way they are and you might also see to understand that there is very less of a difference between you both in the way you live.

The Quran said something, the Bible some other and the Bhagavad Gita a whole lot more. But, aren’t all of them only preaching ways to better yourself. A white man has to drink water, eat food and work everyday to live a happy life. Is it any different for a black man? No it isn’t. When the ideology of all the manuscripts and the way of life of all the people is the same why do we need to brand ourselves to be different from others!

All of the divisions that we’ve made within our heads are merely our beliefs. The belief that lord Ram had walked on earth is as noble as a belief that Jesus walked on water. Its fine! But, making your belief into a testament for superiority is a blunder. Its good to have a belief for there is a pursuit to reach a benchmark in our lives. But, making a belief into your religion or accepting that your beliefs are more closer to the truth than the other person’s is a farce.

Do we really need a religion? we don’t! We need a belief! Are the rich more important than the poor? Absolutely not! The poor have the same rights as posessed by the rich! The day we remove these biases from our brains and believe that division is only an arithmetic rule is day we can consider ourselves to be truely evolved. Now are we truly evolved?

 “Judging a person doesn’t define who they are, it defines who you are!”

Yes, Hinsikhlim lost it!

They chant prayers,

They wield swords.

They make the layers,

They create caste and many new lords.

They make a living,

Of people’s ignorance.

They take a giving,

In the name of their lords’ remittance.

They are evil,

They create battles.

They make you believe in the primeval,

Like a lil sheep, you join their cattles.

Cometh the time of crisis,

They are not worth it as you see.

Its only science thats rekindling humanity,

For once you cannot disagree.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I do believe in the supreme,

But, I abhor your vague beliefs based on a some writer’s dream.

Believe in only the right,

For, thats the only thing that can save you out of our plight.

Life of I..

A life thats infinitely trapped

A life that instantaneously snapped

A life that never has any glee

A life that shall never be free..

A life that has no repentance

A life whose every second is a death sentence

A life that told so many lies

A life filled with unheard cries

A life thats forever drunk

A life thats perpetually sunk

A life that never loved

A life lost in a tiny crowd

A life whose wishes never came true

A life thats battered black and blue

A life that never saw any thing called LIFE

A life that I abhor the most, the life of I

I lost it!

I think I lost it.

Maybe I never had it?

Was it all just for nothing?

Is this the end of the road?

I thought I could write,

Gosh, my mind is numb, what a pitiful plight!

Is it the booze?

Nah, shouldn’t be! Its already a part of my blood now!

Is it the stress?

Maybe..but isn’t my booze already ending my stress’ duress?

I don’t know!

Maybe its the loneliness setting in!

Well, 3 days since I last opened my door 😀

But, I’m used to this, ain’t I?

Is it a punishment?

Gee, now I get it, maybe it is!

Didn’t I already pay enough, oh you greedy pain,

Just stop doing this!

At least tell me what it’d take?

You’ve already put my life itself at stake!

Zero happiness and an infinite cries,

Maybe this is lifelong, until I die!



People are beautiful..!

The amount of goodness in the world never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been binge watching a string of documentaries on Netflix. Documentaries on people’s passion for food, on how a little boy harnessed the electricity out of wind in the ruins of Africa, on how stoic heroism of few people has helped the human civilization evolve and many many more genres. One striking learning that I’ve received from all of this is that PEOPLE ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Everyone has a story to tell, everyone had a story which made them what they are today and everyone wants to create their own story for tomorrow. Now, we are in a society in which everyone is a judge of every other person around them. That is alright! It’s just a perspective. But, what’s not right is to judge a person without knowing what they have been through and what they actually are made of. Why can’t people take a pause, make a conversation and then judge the person based on facts and figures. I very well believe that this makes our environment much more pleasant that what it is.

People generally blast off sporting personalities for not living up to their expectations. Come on! you are mere audience and they are where they are because of a lot of hard work that they’ve put in. I’m no hero. I was un-apologetically trolling few athletes whenever they didn’t perform for a long time. But, I’ve changed. Changed after I got to know more about them and what kind of hardship, meticulous grit and courage they had to  put in to reach where they are. They play, they win and the fail. Yes, they are supposed to do so, not just because they are sportsmen/women but more importantly they are human too!

If an adult is out of job, if a woman is not married, if an adult male doesn’t know how to drive, why the fuck is it a point of gossip for people! If you can help them then please do. If you cannot then move along, You don’t get even an iota of a right to judge them and label them to be unfit for this society. I bet, the moment anyone does that they themselves become unfit, not only for the society but to be a human too! If you being a human can’t understand the pain and story of your fellow human, you can just move to mars and wait for the imaginary perfect martians to give you company.

We need to start appreciating the beauty around us. As long as a person doesn’t willingly hurt anyone, we should always consider the fact that this person is righteous, this person has a story and this person could be my friend. Let’s make this world a better place!


I wish..


I am bleeding,

From within,

I am dying,


I am withering,

From this devilish pain.

I am crying,

Until I’m out of tears.

I am drinking,

To forget everything.

I’m tired,

Of all this fighting.

I am alone,

Today and tomorrow.

I want to talk,

Right here right now.

I know I can’t,

Oh, no one wants to listen.

I wish it were any different,

But, nope its my life’s definition.

I wish I were happy,

Never mind, no one cares.

I wish some one will hold my hand,

None to be found anywhere.

I wish I was never born,

Now, I can’t even die.

I wish I didn’t drink too much,

Wonder if my liver is fried.

I wish I didn’t write this,

Gosh, no one will even read.

I wish I had no more wishes,

Nah, that’s only that’s left of me.

I wish this bottle was never empty,

Hell, no I need much more and plenty.

A disease called overthinking..

Does having a kind heart make you weak ? It certainly seems so. I’ve always been a person who overthinks a lot even for doing the minutest of the minute chores that we all do in our routine. But, let me tell you this overthinking is definitely not about how I will be impacted with anything that I do but its about how I might effect the others around me after I do it. This overthinking has forced me to make few sacrifices that I am not proud of. This overthinking often makes me do things that I don’t want to do a majority of times. Let me tell you that this is sometimes fucking hard. To restrict yourself from something that I want with all your heart for someone else’s happiness is no ordinary thing. Yet I do it, and this is just because I am built that way. Now, with all this going around, its at least humane that others share a tiny bit of your principles and understand why you do what you do. Even if people don’t appreciate what I am doing, its very basic for it to not make any statements that hurt me. But, nah! the world is pretty dumb in understanding what I do. It keeps hurling these sharp edged knives at me that constantly keep on hurting until I have bled that pain’s worth out. All these years, I’ve always thought that, the world may do this to me but maybe it does not mean any offence at all. As I’ve already mentioned in the start that I overthink a lot, may be this overthinking is a disease that the world is free of. Maybe its me that should learn from the world and not the other way around. I don’t know. I try to learn but I can by no means live that carefree and joyful life that others are living. I know I’m depressed, I know I am a loner yet I am a good person. Why should the world be that the way it is ? Why should it constantly keep pricking me with its deeds ? Should I change? Or will the world change ? Am I wrong or am I right ? Am I drunk ? Yes! But, booze is what that helps me think ? Err, overthink! I sometimes imagine how I’d be if I was like the rest if them ? How differently my life would have shaped up had I not made those sacrifices? Maybe I would have been happier ? But, maybe this happiness would have been at the expense of others’ pain. I don’t know. And bottoms up…

Set me free..

Why have I become like this ?

Sullen, depressed and devoid of any bliss!

All I do is drink and cry,

Always wondering if these eyes ever dry.

Oh, what did I even do ?

To get repeatedly mauled black and blue.

Ah, my mind is numb, I can’t even write,

My heavy heart is aching under this twisting writhe.

Fighting alone in this lonely battle,

I am bruised very bad, my ears just prattle.

Oh, don’t do this to me ?

O’ life listen to me, set me free.

Please, I am done with fighting with you,

What can I do to start afresh and new ?

With each day becoming very very dark,

I just don’t know what to do, there is no way I can disembark.

Come and get me,

O’life please just set me free.